Welcome to Bel Air Store Bridal Registry. Thank you for choosing our store! We hope to meet and exceed the expectations to you and your guests. We have listed below our guidelines and rules for the Bridal Registry. We hope that you find this information useful and informative


We register Bridal Registries TWO (2) MONTHS before the wedding date.

There is NO COST to register or open a Bridal Registry with Bel Air Store

There is NO COST for Registry gift cards at the initial set up and for your first selection. Should you require any additional gift cards thereafter, they are sold to you at a minimal cost.


Bridal Registries should be conducted and registered by the Bride and Groom. Also, we recommend an additional person to be added to the contract. In Consideration of our suggestion to include a third person to the contract, all selections for the gift list are to be conducted ONLY by these authorized persons. Selections on your registry represent the first set of gifts selected by the couple. Couples are given TWO (2) WEEKS to complete this initial selection. Your signatures would be required as confirmation upon completion of the selection of your gifts.

“Additions refer to additional gifts the couple wish to add to the registry”. However, additions must be authorized by the management of Bel Air Store and would be approved based on the sales and progress of the registry. Quantities of additions would also be decided by the management of Bel Air Store.


  • No Changes to your selection of products can be made after your initial selections are completed.
  • NO EXCHANGES of gifts are allowed on Bridal Registries during and after your wedding
  • In the Event that the wedding is CANCELLED, Bel Air Store MUST BE INFORMED of this in writing and signed by authorized persons on the contract. All Items sold MUST be collected. All Gifts that were sold to your guests and collected by yourself, DOES NOT implicate Bel Air Store Ltd. If your wedding is cancelled, it is your responsibility to inform all your guests accordingly to avoid any embarrassment in our store
  • Authorized persons on the contract should sign and collect any gifts sold before your wedding date from the store. Please arrange to collect all your remaining gifts no later than two (2) weeks after your wedding date
  • All Prices are subject to change without Notice
  • In Agreement to these guidelines, all persons registering are kindly requested to sign the contract in presence of one of our authorized representatives.